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About Maths Success Point

MSP incepted in 2005, is solely dedicated to provide quality coaching for Maths and Science. Within 12 years the strength has served over 4000 students.

“Pathway to growth”, is what MSP believes in. MSP focuses on right attitude and conceptual clarity, – the aim being producing extraordinary results. The dedication and commitment of the Faculty Members, who are experts in each area of study, has richly contributed to the MSP’s amazing results and accolades.


Our institute will be regarded as the center of Maths and Science excellence, an education provider of choice for career commencement and professional development. We will be committed to gaining a reputation of excellence in delivering quality education services to students enabling to reach and achieve their goals.


We believe in providing all deserving students in India with the best curriculum and pedagogy along with the highest quality of education in coaching the students. We are determined to make learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable (at every stage) for the student by using innovative methods of teaching and comprehensive approach of learning.

Course’s We Offer

we are offering these courses for our students



IX – X (Pre Foundation)
XI – XII (Foundation)


Post Graduation

B.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
M.Sc (Mathematics)



IIT (Main/Adv.), AIPMT (NEET)

Our Features



Expert faculty members for backed up by excellent study material


Motivational result orientation and stress releasing sessions


Optimized regular practice sessions assignments exercises


intelligent testing and feedback


Building problem solving skills

What Our Students Says

Anil Sir is a MASTER motivational speaker who speaks to the hearts of his audience. I first heard about him in his class. I instantly connected with both his message and her energy and wanted to hear more! I was later honored to joint his institute. I am deeply inspired and touched by the high value in both content and spirit that Sir delivered…….! He combines heart with high-value content and timeless spiritual principles with practical know-how – a truly winning combination!
Miss Anmol Sharma (7th Rank State Merit 2011 & IAS)
MSP is a great institute for the coaching of science and math . I had join this institute after suffering a lot from others. I got less percentage in my 10 board exam. I want to be a Engineer and want to take science stream but due to my percentage I was disappointed. One of my friends told me about the MSP …. It proved a turning point in my life. There I not only learnt how to study but it had inculcate a value of disciplined and education in my life .I am thankful to the director Sir and his faculty to change the life of mine and many students like me.
Master Vikas Sharma (9TH Rank District Merit 2013 & IIT RANK 203)
I want to share my feelings with you all about the MSP. I was never serious in my studies earlier, I was of carefree nature ……… Due to this my parents were worried about me and they want me to do well as I am the only child. They had forcefully admitted me in the institute. Anil Sir had given me a chance to take the demo classes first and then decide.
I am impressed with the faculty and study in the class and find it interesting …. So I decided to get enrolled within a year I found a great change in me I start taking care of my things and future , I was more disciplined and start taking interest in my studies . My parents were happy too. The most important and exciting thing is that I could not understand how this magic happens…… After giving a thought to it I found that it all due to the motivational speeches and disciplined which we follow in MSP. Really it changes the life of the students …… I myself is very thankful to MSP.
Master Narendra Aechra (11th Rank District Merit & IIT Rank 810)

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