MSP FAMILY  feels privileged to lead such an exciting and vibrant institute, which offers great opportunities for the young people of Jhotwara, Jaipur .It is our goal to make each and every student to succeed. We offer our students the best possible opportunities to become confident, thoughtful young people who are prepared for any future challenges, in an exciting and increasingly global world.

At MSP , we are very proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and behave their very best. From the moment a new Mspian joins our institute, we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging, as this is essential to their future success. Our superb facilities and dedicated staff will enable us to deliver our best in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need. We keep our classes and tutorial groups relatively small to create an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows learners to really get to know their teachers.

The aim for all students to be happy and to be challenged in a supportive and safe environment by:

  1. Providing best faculty to the students .
  2. Clearing each and every doubts of the students by expert in doubt session.
  3. To boost the child’s confidence the motivational classes are taken by Our Director’s Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma.
  4. By Cultural Programmes and other activities .

Through  our  Note-sheets and method of teachings, our academic standards at MSP continue to improve term on term and year on year. MSP  is carefully designed to be both accessible and challenging for all students, irrespective of their ability. We thereby ensure success for all by providing students with the necessary skills to flourish in an ever-changing and ever-demanding environment.

This is further can be seen by our results. As we have 100 percent results .In the year 2018-19 ,we have  88 students in 12th Science , 7 students are above 90 percent, 8 students are between 80-90 percent, 46 students are between 70-80 percent ,25 students are between 60-70 percent and  only two students scored in between 55-60 percent marks .

This all is due to the great team work and strong management of Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma and his team.

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10 th merit students